Dunnottar Castle Lino Print
  • Dunnottar Castle Lino Print



    This dramatic and evocative ruined cliff top fortress was the home of the Earls Marischal, once one of the most powerful families in Scotland. Steeped in history, this romantic and haunting ruin is a photographer’s paradise, a history lover’s dream and an iconic tourist destination known the world over. Dunnottar Castle, located just outside Stonehaven, is an impregnable fortress that holds many rich secrets of Scotland’s colourful past.


    The actual image is a 100x100mm lino print.

    The print is set in a white card mount within a deep frame. The frame is approx. 250 x 250 x 45mm.


    The print is a limited edition, individually named, initialed and numbered.

    Frame Colour
    • Print Detail

      Each print is individually hand printed and may vary very slightly from the photograph.

    • Packaging

      Each print is comes individually wrapped in clear cellophane tied with a bow and comes with a gift tag before being packaged for delivery.